Build system requirements

Listed below are some requirements needed to setup the build system on your Linux machine and install system components (as shown in Software HowTo page) and other packages needed for ESPRESSObin. Certain standard Linux utilities should already be installed on your system, but we will list them here anyway. Be also aware that package names might differ across distributions, so make sure to check your distribution's documentation.

Mandatory packages

Build tools:

  • which
  • sed
  • make (version 3.81 or any later)
  • binutils
  • build-essential (only for Debian based systems)
  • gcc (version 2.95 or any later)
  • g++ (version 2.95 or any later)
  • bash
  • patch
  • gzip
  • bzip2
  • perl (version 5.8.7 or any later)
  • tar
  • cpio
  • python (version 2.6 or any later)
  • unzip
  • rsync
  • zlib1g-dev
  • gawk
  • ccache
  • gettext
  • libssl-dev
  • xsltproc
  • bc
  • file
  • ncurses5 (for menuconfig interface)

Source fetching tools:

  • wget
  • git

Accessing ESPRESSObin console:

  • ckermit (or minicom)
  • openssh-server
  • openssh-client


Other use case-specific packages will be mentioned in respective tutorial pages.